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If a project doesn't require inspection, technical knowledge, expertise you lack, and doesn't exceed your limitations, it's likely safe to tackle on your own. But before you strike out, consider the eight home projects that are DIY no-no's: Tree Removal: It requires climbing and operation of sharp tools at dangerous heights. It may appear to be a simple task, but it's best left to an experienced professional. Structural Changes: Structural changes are fraught with peril. The walls you're looking to remove could be load bearing or contain electrical wiring, gas pipes, or plumbing. Driveway Paving: Measuring and positioning paving stones is a time-consuming, meticulous task. Pros can do it in a day, depending on the driveway size. It could take you or me several days. Electrical Work: Flipping a fuse switch is easy. Rewiring is hard. Faulty wiring repair is not an easy task, and it's fraught with danger. If you lack knowledge and proper precautions, it can even be deadly. Plumbing Work: Tampering with the pipes can result in an uncontained burst, overflow, or flood. Save your water and your frustration by hiring a plumber. Roof Repair: Working up there is risky. All it takes is a loss of footing or a simple misstep, and you're in for a ride. If you suspect a roofing issue, contacting a contractor is a good idea. Siding Installation: Siding must be properly secured and capable of withstanding the weather. It must also be sealed to ensure nothing seeps underneath, causing harm to your home's frame. Window Projects: Whether adding or replacing a window, specialized tools and methods are required. The window needs to be well insulated and secured. Professionals save interior and exterior damage risks.

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Fix appliances
TV mount
Fix Toilet
Appraising of property
Barbecue pit maintenance
Cabinet refacing
Ceiling repair
Ceramic tile repair
Concrete work
Curtain hanging
Dryer vent cleaning
Fence fixing
Fireplace cleaning
Garage doors
Home inspections
Lamp repairs
Patio stone installation
Remodeling basements
Remodeling bathrooms
Remodeling kitchens
Septic system repair
Shelf installation
Sprinkler repair
Storage area construction
Swimming pool maintenance
Trash Removal
Wall building
Waste and junk removal
Remove snow
And other handyman jobs.
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